Diesel EngineReliability, power and value. These are some of the qualities of diesel engines that make them so attractive. They are the go-to choice for many truck manufacturers that need to build tough vehicles that will do a lot of work. Even with all their perks, diesel engines will need care. Stay ahead of diesel engine repair and service needs will keep your vehicle running better and longer.

Understanding Diesel Engine Repair

Just like any piece of machinery, you can expect to do some maintenance and service for your diesel engine. It has a lot of moving pieces that are under a lot of stress so it makes sense that things may wear down or break over time. You can help yourself by taking small steps to improve the lifespan of your diesel engine.

Use Quality Fuel

To keep your engine running well, make sure it has good fuel. The gas you put into your diesel engine will burn off and can leave deposits in different parts of the system. A low-quality fuel could create more gunk that will impact how well the vehicle runs. In the short term, this could mean less efficiency. After a longer time, this could lead to the need for repairs.

If you store fuel for your diesel fleet at a job site, make sure it is secured properly to prevent water or other contaminants from mixing in. Those could end up in your engine and cause problems.

Monitor Your Coolant and Radiator

Diesel engine maintenance should also include regular checks on your cooling system. You probably realize that a combustible engine can get pretty hot. That heat has the potential to damage different components in the engine, which is why there is a cooling system.

Check your coolant levels often. Different circumstances could cause the coolant to run out faster than you may expect. You could also have a leak. The radiator should also be kept in good condition. If there are any signs that it’s not doing what it’s supposed to, take it to a mechanic for diesel engine service.

Regularly Inspect Your Engine

An important part of extending the lifespan of your diesel engine is being proactive. Create a schedule and a list of things to inspect so you’ll discover any problems before they escalate. This allows you to fix issues when they are smaller and likely less expensive.

Some of the items that should be on your list are hoses, belts, connectors and filters. All of these play a role in keeping your engine running, so repair and replace worn-out parts as needed.

Take Charge of Diesel Engine Repair

The best thing you can do to get the most out of your diesel engine is to take control of the process. Don’t wait until you have a problem that stops your operation to take action. Start with good habits and the right materials, and make it a point to inspect your equipment and make corrections as needed. To get more guidance, reach out to S & J Automotive & Diesel for help.