Diesel Engine Diagnosis In Pleasant Grove, UT and Surrounding Areas

A diesel engine diagnosis helps you determine what issue your car has and what repairs it needs. S & J Automotive & Diesel in Pleasant Grove and surrounding areas uses advanced diagnostic equipment to find error codes that tell our mechanics which parts we need to troubleshoot. Our team will ensure that your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible with the repairs and replacements necessary to keep it in good condition. Remove the guesswork from your engine issues by learning about your diesel engine diagnostic errors. Come to our auto shop to have our experienced mechanics check which engine repairs your vehicle needs.

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What Is Performance Tuning for Diesel Engines?

Diesel engine performance tuning helps us know what your car’s electrical sensors indicate about your service needs. There are multiple computerized parts, that when they require attention, will turn on your dashboard’s check engine light. Checking your diesel engine’s error codes will allow your car to perform its best for longer and reduce its emissions. Our auto shop in Pleasant Grove and surrounding areas does this by hooking up our diagnostic equipment to your car’s computer system, which pinpoints what issues we need to check.

This is what our diagnostics can check for:

  • Check engine and warning light
  • Electrical and wiring
  • Overheating
  • Belt and hoses 
  • Fuel injection needs
  • Timing belt and water pump
  • Power steering
  • Alternator testing and replacement

No matter what issues you’re experiencing, we can perform a diesel engine diagnosis that will tell our mechanics exactly what needs to be repaired. From faulty batteries and loose adjoining cables to a bad starter, we have the training and experience to take care of any maintenance. Choose our diesel mechanics for your repair needs and come away with an excellent experience and a car that runs at its best. Contact us to schedule a performance tuning appointment right away!

Car engine repair

Pleasant Grove’s Best Diesel Engine Mechanics

S & J Automotive & Diesel performs diagnostics on diesel engines, so you know what repairs are needed depending on the error codes that appear. We’re a locally owned and operated auto repair shop that offers a variety of convenient and affordable services. Since 1997, our locals have depended on us to offer honest customer service and quality solutions for your car and truck. Visit our mechanics for routine maintenance and inspections to allow your car to run well for as long as possible. Get in contact with us at (801) 785-4094 to schedule diesel engine performance tuning services in Pleasant Grove, UT and surrounding areas.

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