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The last thing you want is an incorrect diagnosis when your diesel engine isn’t working right. This adds frustration and lost production time. That’s why we give you the highest-quality diesel engine diagnostics Lehi UT has to offer. Our advanced technology uses electronic scans to produce error codes that pinpoint exactly the trouble area and replacement parts you need.

Performance Tuning Processes

For successful diesel engine repair Lehi UT drivers expect their mechanics to have an understanding of the advanced computer systems that help modern engines run. Electrical sensors are attached to computerized parts that turn on indicator lights in your dashboard. We use cutting-edge technologies to identify exactly why those lights have come on and find a solution for you. We frequently see problems such as:

• Knocking within the engine compartment.
• Power supply shortages.
• Batteries that need to be replaced.
• Oil that has become oxidized.
• Glow plug defects.
• Discoloration of exhaust smoke.

Tell-tale Exhaust Smoke

Exhaust smoke is an especially reliable indicator of engine problems. Healthy exhaust is usually light gray or transparent, not black, blue, or white.

Black Smoke
This is usually caused by an imbalance in the fuel-to-air ratio. To remedy this, we will look at turbochargers, injectors, pumps, EGR valves, and clogged air filters.

Blue Smoke
We often see this when oil is leaking into the engine compartment and causing it to burn oil. For this, we will consider replacing the oil filter, valves, and turbochargers.

White Smoke
Water in the exhaust will produce steam, which may cause a white discoloration in your exhaust. This may also be caused by faulty injectors, inadequate compression, or a lack of heat.

Common Diagnostic Focuses 

We want to get you back on the road as safely and efficiently as possible. We will be able to tell you whether the issue is a major safety risk, whether it may become more expensive over time, and how the repair should be prioritized. We are the qualified diesel mechanic Lehi UT residents can count on. The error codes generated by our diagnostic technology tell us where to start first. These may include:

• Water Pump and Timing Belt
• Check Engine Light
• Alternator and Starter Motor
• Fuel Injectors
• Electrical and Wiring
• Power Steering
• Fluid Levels and Overheating

Once we’ve diagnosed the issue, we can give you a competitive quote and the expected time frame for completion.

The Best Diesel Engine Diagnostics Lehi UT Has To Offer

Diesel engines are unique, and you need specialists like ours who are thoroughly trained in diesel repair. Eighteen-wheelers, pickup trucks, and industrial equipment all need someone reliable who can take care of their needs. We have been locally owned and operated since 1997, and our owner has been a mechanic since 1985. Many of our loyal customers drive from neighboring communities to take advantage of our honest and transparent customer service. Our shop has been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Lucas Oil has also endorsed us as a supplier. Visit us online or call 801-785-4904. 

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