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Diesel tuning is done to achieve the best performance out of your vehicle. The most impressive characteristics of any diesel engine are its range of customization options, which lets you set up your engine to do what you need your vehicle to do. Diesel engines provide you with the chance for custom tuning, and our diesel tuning performance technicians near American Fork, UT, are here to help out.

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Diesel engines can provide more power, towing ability, torque, and reliability than standard trucks. Our diesel tuning performance services are first-rate and dependable. We have several performance-type services that can help you with every stage of your diesel engine’s life. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, experienced staff, and professional services. We are committed to offering you the very best service when it comes to diesel performance tuning.

When we do diesel performance tuning, these are the parts and systems we work on:

  • ✓ Oxidized oil
  • ✓ Humidity reactions
  • ✓ Hard starting
  • ✓ Lack of power
  • ✓ Replacing defective glow plugs
  • ✓ Engine knocking
  • ✓ Wrong weight viscosity
  • ✓ Faulty lead/acid storage batteries
  • ✓ Overly noisy engines
  • ✓ Discolored smoke from the exhaust
  • ✓ Check engine and warning light
  • ✓ Electrical and wiring
  • ✓ Overheating
  • ✓ Belt and hoses
  • ✓ Fuel injection needs
  • ✓ Timing belt and water pump
  • ✓ Power steering
  • ✓ Alternator testing and replacement

S & J Automotive & Diesel has the services to help you with anything that deals with a diesel engine. Our experienced technicians are skilled in every aspect of diesel maintenance and installation, having accumulated years of unsurpassed experience. We will be able to exceed your expectations when you come in for diesel performance tuning services.

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Diesel tuning services are offered to help meet the needs of our customers. We’ve got you covered whether the services are for light, medium, or heavy-duty diesel vehicles. If you need diesel tuning from experienced diesel mechanics, visit S & J Automotive & Diesel for diagnostics and maintenance repairs. We will work diligently to provide performance tuning services as effectively as possible and get you back on the road with a better-performing vehicle. Call us at (801) 785-4094 to schedule a visit to our shop near American Fork, UT.

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